Tuesday, 5 March 2013

How to increase your Inspriation & Motivation {Part 2}

Oh Yazz, where are you now? :)
Welcome to the second part of my tips on how to kick start your Inspiration & Motivation. Missed the first part? You can find it here.

How did you all get on? Did you find your inspiration? Here's a couple more ideas to try if you are still struggling.

Act as a tourist in your home town. Do you really know all there is about your local area? Visit local atractions, take a sketchpad to a gallery, watch something at a local theatre, eat in small backstreet bistros, buy some food from a farmers market or visit an artisant fair full of local talented creators...All these are dripping with potential inspiration

Seek Help! No not from a psychiastrist! Something that always pulls me out of a lack of inspiration is a custom order. A simple request from a customer can often spark off several more ideas for new products / designs. So if you're stuck ask someone for an idea and see what ideas they spark.

Lots of inspiration but can't seem to get started on anything? Lets try these....

So  Many Ideas,  you don't know where to start! Good, I'm glad the inspiration is there. First get a notepad, carry it everywhere, sleep with it by your bed. (I'm a 21st century girl so an app on your phone or saving to evernote also work!) Whatever  idea you have write it down , sketch it out. This will be a great resource for when you are lacking inspiration at other times. Now look at your list, which is the idea that excites you the most. This is the one to do first. Don't have the materials? Order them. Don't have the time, make some. The passion and excitement you feel about this well show in your work, you should prioritise it!

Don't Be Scared Is your lack if motivation simply a fear of trying something new? Sometimes when we fear something might fail we don't even try it. Just think of all those missed opportunities, please don't be afraid to try. So what if it doesn't work out, no one need know, and you've crossed of something that doesn't work and are a step nearer finding the right way!

Live Life! Another big fear that can cripple creativity is the fear of ruining what you have, a new page of that lovely handbound journal you bought for your creative writing course, the piece of vintage fabric you refuse to cut into, or the ingredient you are saving for 'that special recipe' that never turns up.  What a waste! These things are beautiful yes, but they also have a purpose, to be used and enjoyed. Take a deep breath and use that special item you have been saving, treat yourself you deserve it.

Sort your To Do list. And I'm not going to get you to tick them all off in one day. How many things do you have on there anyway? 10? 20? 30? Wait you have 45 things on yor To Do list?? No wonder you're struggling to get motivated! Get your pen right now and pick 3 things off that list, at the moment I don't care if they are the big ones or the teeny tiny fillers you pop on thee every morning, choose 3 and write them on a new bit of paper. They are your to do's for today. Do them!

Take Care ~ I touched on looking after yourself last week but I cannot emphasise this next bit enough, if you find your motivation gone for a prolonged period, you have severe tiredness or the winter blues aren't clearing up. Please go and see your doctor. A food intolerance, lack of iron and depression can all cause these symptoms and are treatable.

And for those of you (like my daughter) who didn't get the title to this, or for those who just want to reminisce, here's Yazz doing her thing....

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