Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Why resting is just as important as all that other stuff you're busy doing!

This week I'm stepping away from the studio and spending a week with the family.
So often in life we are far too busy being, well busy, that we forget that resting and taking a break is vital.

Business owners in particular fall guilty of this, working late nights, weekends....heck this past year I was doing a few businessy bits on both my birthday AND Christmas day, two days I've always automatically booked off when working as an employee!

So whether you're a busy mum, student or business owner take some time this Easter to just relax.....

Have one day when you do absolutely nothing! Nope no facebook, twitter, not even pinterest! Schedule posts the day before if you need to. Actually turn your computer OFF, save those tabs to bookmarks or transfer to a notepad. Mobile off too missy! You've got voicemail, if it's that important they'll leave a message!

Now do all those things you've missed....

Do something special with your children

Read that book you've been waiting to

Have a Lie In

Take Breakfast in Bed

Go for a Walk on the beach

Have coffee with a dear friend

Write a letter to a loved one

Have a manicure

Make Daisy chains....

Hopefully once you've taken a day to relax you'll realise the benefits. Build relaxation into every single day. Going out at lunchtime instead of sitting at your computer. Arriving somewhere early then reading a book whilst you wait. Rest is important - Even if that means just turning your phone off half an hour before bed and not taking it upstairs..... take one step away and relaxxxxxxxxxx.

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