Friday, 12 April 2013

{Sweet} Lime Kisses

Before we were married, my husband and I lived in seperate homes, seperate towns. Every Friday night he would drive 50 miles to come and  see me.  I would cook a steak supper and make cocktails ....

Adapted from a long forotten drink I once saw & perfect for a sunny spring evening.

 Lime Kisses Cocktail

Ingredients: Lime, Sugar, Whiskey, Lemonade

Instructions: Cut a lime into 1/8ths and pop 2 pieces in your glass. Spoon over 1 teaspoon of sugar & muddle the lime and sugar together.

Mud·dle ~ To mash, smash, or crush ingredients with a spoon or a long wooden/metal rod with a flattened end (muddler). 

Once lime and sugar have been muddled, pour over a measure of whiskey. Stir and top up glass with lemonade.

You can adjust levels of sugar & whiskey to taste or even make a virgin Lime Kiss by leaving out the whiskey altogether.

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