Tuesday, 11 June 2013

25 things to do this Summer!

The lovely weather we've been having over these past few weeks has got me thinking of all the great things to do in the Summer, so I've popped them all into a fun list.

Who fancies joining me in this challenge and try and get all 25 ticked off? Download the list, pop it on your fridge and join in!

If you are joining me in this challenge, pop your name down below and if you have any favourite summer activities, share them in the comments below.... 
Feel free to share your progress in your blogs, facebook, instagram or twitter where we'll be using the hashtag #summer25

*As predicted* the weather has changed today and its raining but there's still plenty we can do....

And let's set an end date so we can have a party after!
25 Things Summer Challenge 
11th June 2013 - 10th September June 2013

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