Tuesday, 4 June 2013

What pushes your button? + find out what's a dead cert to press mine!

As I sifted through the pile of post
         ....car brochure...
...... my eyes dropped to the large grey mailing bag at the bottom....
horraaaay my magazine!
 -  um no not quite! *insert rolled eyes and deflated wah-wah-waaaaah sound*

The arrival of the  magazine I subscribed to last year instead of filling me with joy always fills me with a reminder of the direct debit at the bank rather than the goodies that lie within.
I know it is full of useful information and tips that I will find invaluable, and eventually I will read it but it just doesn't  say... 
"Come, sit, chill, grab a tea maybe a macaron too...no not that cup, the special one...Let's stop the World for a short while and read together."

Oops sorry I drifted off a bit there I was so relaxed!

So no, that magazine doesn't do that for me, but others do. I'll often buy 2 or 3 others from a shop before I get around to my delivered magazine. So what makes those other magazines so desirable and this one less so?
The Magazines I buy are retro and vintage styled, with faded matt covers, they call to me from the shelves of the newsagents, cover price twice as much as the others? That's okay....I'll still buy them!

I've always had a soft spot for books and magazines from my early working days as a typesetter, get the styling right too and I can't give in!

So what are your secret triggers that you just can't resist, magazines or otherwise??

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