Monday, 8 July 2013

Summer Fair - Lil Vintage Makes at The Mead

This weeked Summer well and truly arrived in the South West! Just in time for one of the Summer fairs I had booked, The Mead in Trowbridge.

If you're a twitter follower you'll know I've been desperatelty searching for a decent gazebo supplier these past few weeks as this is my first ourdoor fair and I had been worrying about rain!! Worry not though, my newly purchased gazebo served as a great shelter from the streaming hot sun!
Whilst other stall owners sweated and slavered on the lotion until they were as slippy as a fish in the ocean we could just concentrate on enjoying the day, selling and meeting new people!

What do you think of the stand as usual I had decided Friday I needed some more summery, bright decorations to match my new range of cards! I think it definitely added to the summery feel of the day!

Unfortunately we had been placed a bit away from the main area so footfall was lower than expected. Luckily my son had an idea to take the goods to the people and made himself a little 'mobile store' from my props! It turned out to be a great idea and he actually outsold me 5:1 in the afternoon!!

I met lots of lovely new people  and had a lovely long chat with the Mayor who was very keen on promoting small businesses and invited me to apply for the local market in Fore Street, definitely one to think about! I felt rather sorry for him in all his regalia though - he must have been boiling in the sun!

Of course you all know, the very best place to be is 
.....sorting booty under the table!!!!!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and if something in the photos caught your eye 
head over to the shop!

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