Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wow - We impressed the best!! Lil Vintage Makes wins #WOW Award

Phew! It's been non stop here this past week!  Why, I hear you ask? Well it all started when we we won a #WoW award on Twitter last week from Knickerbox CEO Jacqueline Gold!!

Woman on Wednesday (#WOW) awards

The #WOW campaign is very much about celebrating women in business and the ever growing number of women who are starting their own business. 

So what is a #WoW award?

The awards, which have been running since 2011,  were launched by Jaqueline Gold (Knickerbox  CEO) to support women in business, an area she is incredibly passionate about and are given out on Wednesday's through Jaqueline's Twitter Page. 

Each week the awards attract hundreds of entries where women business owners tweet Jacqueline using the #WOW hashtag, describing their business  in 140 characters or less!

Initially Jaqueline looks for businesses that are interesting & have strong brand values and that she thinks have potential to grow and succeed in their industry

Websites  and businesses are then checked  for "quality products, well designed websites and entrepreneurs who appear to have a good business sense and who have thought about 

what the consumer wants and how to deliver it".
Finally three winners are selected.

I cannot begin to describe how excited I was on Wednesday evening to see Jaqueline had retweeted my entry, a major tip off I may have won! I met so many new people through tweets of congratulations . But mostly there was a complete shift in how I saw my business. The pride I felt from being chosen, that someone had thought my business was worthy of that award kickstarted me up to a new level! 

Oh and I know it's hard to believe but that was the first ever time I had entered! So go one, this Wednesday, between 1 and 3pm just send a little #Wow tweet to Jaqueline, and you might just get picked too!

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