Tuesday, 28 August 2012

How to save time and spend it doing what YOU enjoy!!!

Using your time more efficiently is KEY to getting a better work / life balance. How many times a day do you say 'I'd Love to.....but I don't have time!!'? then how many times do you sit waiting in a car for the children to come out of school or sat on the bus on the way to work?

How about if I could let you in on a secret of how you can get things done in this time you've written off.?

I fill all these little gaps in my day away from home by doing the work on my phone!!! How? I use apps!!
I've compiled my list of useful apps for a small creative / craft business anso maybe you can gain some time for enjoyable things too...

Firstly, there are two things you need to know before i share my list with you.

number one, i live with my phone - it is the first thing i turn on in the morning and the last thing i turn off at night. now i hardly give out my phone number to anyone (ok that bits about to change as ive just put it on my latest business cards) so i mostly use it as a mobile computer. its built into me, i need to do xyz
when i'm away from home. and this is where the right apps are a godsend!

number two, i'm an android girl! you wont find any iphone info here sorry!

So, in no particular order here are my top ten apps.... and my Pros and Cons on each one (my experience with them only - if I say you can't do something it may me I haven't found out how to yet!!)
1 - 3 are all social network apps and yes, unfortunately there is no one App does it all

Pros :-  Keep up to date with everyone on the go, great for personal profiles! read your own page and see what anyone posts on it
Cons:- Can't post as own Page or Share photos etc showing in your feed

Pros :- Can select multiple profiles / pages to post as across twitter or facebook
Cons - Photos are only thumbnails

Pros :- Can post to multiple accounts and schedule posts.
Cons:- Posts photos as clickable links

Omline notebook, can access from PC at home. Allows you to save  web pages, photos , links and audio to your account.
Pros:- Labels, One click sharing.
Online Storage
Pros:- I can save all of my phone photos to this or set it to automatically upload when I am in a wifi area (eg at home!) Upload dropbox onto phone PC and Laptop and access your photos from all 3! No more emailing photos to myself to use in blogposts!
6.ak notepad A good old fashioned notepad on your phone. I use this alot to save blog post ideas when i'm out and about.
7.speedy upload
I LOVE this!! Uploads photos direct to my Facebook PAGE!!!
Photo editor , vintage effects, borders etc. Pimp your pictures via your phone.
9.kingsoft office
Word processor, Spreadsheets etc. View on your phone or create new ones. I loaded this so I could keep up with my accounts on the go, but its been more used for reading pdfs and downloads from blogs!! Good App, it me thats not done the accounts, all the software is there for it!!

All of the above are available for free, a couple I have paid to upgrade because they were good and i wanted the extra features, you decide if you need to.

Whoops thats only 9! Well, for your 10th I suggest a Game to chill out with or Kindle so you can read and relax.....

So thats my list, how about you? Have I missed any 'must have apps'? Comment below.....

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