Friday, 25 January 2013

How to sew multiple items without going crazy!!!

Heart Brooches  (one of my best sellers, so made often!)

Last post , I  mentioned how how sewing the same things over and over can become just a tad repetitive and then went on to say about all the fun stuff I do to balance out the stock items!
Well sometimes you can't just put it aside and you need to make  a lot of similar items, probably quickly too, and you've just got to buckle down get them done!

My own stocking decorations....

Prompted by a follower on my facebook page (yes Jo that's you!) , who had a bunch of stocking decorations to make and asked  for my advice, I compiled my 'tricks and tips for sewing multiples without going crazy'.... so here it is!

The 'How to sew multiple items without going crazy!!!' Guide

The first thing to know is you are not going to make each from start to finish... oh no.. that will drive you mad! You'll give up of boredom before you've started, trust me!
Instead of say, setting side a day to do it, take 1 hour each day for a week.

The easiest, quickest and sanest way to approach sewing multiple items is to break them down into stages. Get you instructions and break them down into managable steps, then sew each stage for all the items!
Lets say we need to make 10 stockings....

1. Trace out pattern onto fabric x10, trace out pattern onto lining x10. (you can even break this down into 2 steps if needed.
2. Cut out all pieces
3. Sew linings x10
4. Embellish Front Outer of stockings x10
5. sew lining and outers together x 10
6. Top stitch stockings x10

This method also has great advantages to sewing each one individually, such as....
~ sewing continuously can save thread.
~ Pattern placing all at once can help you get the best use out of your fabric.
~ There is no warm up time. Hey, you're already 'in the zone' when you move onto the next piece you only did it 30 seconds ago - no.....'uhhh which way does this go?' moments!!

Using this method you might have a whole stage you can do in normal 'wasted time'! I take all my brooches with me on the school run to cut out whilst i'm sat in the car.....

Holly hairclips, mid production

My last tip is , listen to yourself, somedays you can sit and do the same thing over and over and others you just have to create something new and different! Don't try and fight it!
The Final tip is to find some great music you love to listen to and play itwhilst you're sewing - it'll  help the time pass quickly!

So there it is, I hope I've helped! Don't forget if you hae anymore tips to add then please leave me a comment below xx
Oh and if you missed that last post, catch it here.


  1. Great post! And really applicable to other crafts too.... this is a good approach for card makers!

    Thanks for sharing

    Shelly X

    1. Thanks for commenting Shelly, yes I guess it is applicable to other crafts too!
      Now I just need to create a similar formula for the housework ;)

      Maxine xx

  2. Yhay i'm famous! It does make a difference sewing in stages. If i plan ahead i can make templates in January, cut out in February, etc. X

  3. :) Hello Jo! I'm glad the advice helped. Yes you could plan it monthly if you are VERY organised or are making great quantities! xx

  4. I will probably leave it all til the last minute!