Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Simple Changes To Success

Last Thursday was my birthday and hubby took me bowling. Now the local bowling alley was a regular haunt for me in my teenage years so I was full of confidence! I picked up my usual number 8 ball and took my shot....


Second go, Whoops that didn't work either...

What was going on? I used to be so good at this! I was still hitting the front pin but hardly any were falling over! I was left with splits and impossible shots on my second throw. After a while it dawned on me the ball was too light, and it didn't have the weight to carry  through! By sticking to my tried and trusted (10+ year old)   method I had sabotaged my game before I started! I changed my ball up to a heavier number 10 and was knocking them all done! *Stiiiiii-rike*!!

So that got me thinking what else are we sabotaging in life by sticking to outdated habits and ways of doing things? What outdated routines are costing us time that could be well spent elsewhere? So today, whether you are at work or home, look at how you are doing things throughout the day and ask yourself,
'Does this still work' and if not , 'What simple changes can be made  so this will be a success?'
Go on, have a go at reviewing one thing and when your new method is a success and you save hours, give me a ring and we'll go bowling ..........

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