Tuesday, 23 April 2013

{Business Advice} A simple guide to Small Business Accounts Part 3 ~ Counting your Earnings

Hi! Welcome to Part 3 of the LilVintageMakes Simple Accounts Guide!

So far we've sorted our recceipts and made sense of our outgoings. Now the fun bit, counting the money we made last year!

First thing you need to do is list al the 'places' you sell...
Folksy / Etsy / Ebay Store
Craft Fairs

you might need another general one 'cash sales' ( .... the necklaces you sold to mums at school, the box of cards you dropped off in the office break room etc)

Now you have your categories you need to collect your monthly sales figures. Basically this just means listing all your invoices and cash sales on a sheet and adding them all up! Start as we did with the receipts and make a pile of each set of sales, then take your paper and label each one with a month, April last year to March this year. Then sort each months sales into that pile. Number, staple and transfer to a spreadsheet (download the sheet below)

Monthly Income Sheet

Once you've completed that add it to your Monthly Summary Sheet and move on to the next month .....

And that's it! Run along and have your little treat and I'll see you back next week for the final part.

I hope you're enjoying this series of Easy Guides, if you'd like to recieve more guides for small businesses, sign up below...

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