Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Why email is dead.....and how you should celebrate!

Did you know this week is National Stationery Week here in the UK and today is National  Stationery Day! Before you groan , not another 'day' made up to celebrate something , I think this one is definitely worth considering. A day to encourage us to think about putting pen to paper (or card) and getting in touch with someone we care about... in this digital age, that's definitely something I'd like to celebrate!

"National Stationery Day is a day of celebration of the written word and of all things stationery. It has been launched to get more people putting pen to paper, and writing more often by hand. There’s more to life than email and texting! There is something special and personal about stationery, and sending and receiving a handwritten card or letter. Whether you’re passionate about pens or just nuts about notebooks and notepaper, National Stationery Day is for you."    
~ from the national stationery day website

I LOVE receiving  actual mail in the post don't  you? In this world of emails and texting, 
getting an actual handwritten card in the post can make my whole day! An invite, a thank you card or just a 'Hi, how are you?' I'll read and re read the card often popping it on the mantlepiece  as a mini piece of art!

A week for celebrating stationery sounded like the perfect excuse for my to show you my Brand New Range of Greeting Cards and Postcards....
A combination of iconic retro images, candy colours and my trademark polkadots these cards would surely brighten anyone's day....

Retro Greeting Birthday Card Polka Dot Car

Vintage Retro Greeting Thank you Card Polka Dot Postbox

And no, email will never die but the next time you think about emailing that friend, reach for a card instead and brighten their day.....


  1. Love your new cards, especially the polka dot postbox.

    1. Thank you! Welcome & thanks for commenting. Maxine xx