Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How NOT to be that woman they find buried under a pile of old newspapers......

You've all read about her, the old dear that lives alone, saving all her old newspapers, stacking them neatly in piles in the hall, then the lounge, and the kitchen. Not wanting to throw them away, saving each, precious one because she might need it again, that article on page 16, until one day when she's shuffling between the 7ft towers of teetering  newspapers that fill every room, they collapse on top of her...

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But wait, that won't happen to you will it? You only read blogs, not papers, and they're all delivered electronically to you via google reader. Hang on didn't you read that google reader will not be available after July 1, 2013???? And you have a zillion blogs in your feed *aargghhh*

You've all heard the quote I'm sure but I'm disagreeing here! If you can organise all of  that junk on your 'virtual desk' you can  work soooo much easier. Or fill your desk with back up with pretty pictures! Your choice!
So what can you do about it?

1. Find another reader

When I first heard google reader was closing I went and checked out the alternatives. And I plumped for Feedly. It's working great for me so far. I can use it from my computer, chromebook or smartphone. It shows your posts in text style like the old reader OR a fab magazine style picture based dashboard. You can eaily add new content, organise it into custom folders, read 'todays posts', choose a particular folder to catch up on or browse the items you 'saved for later' better still though link your google reader account and it automatically pulls all your blogs from your reader list woo-hoo!!!

2. Save smart

Yes I know you can't click 'read' on that fab new post , the 'save for later' button will just make you feel a little bit more secure....buuuuuuut you already have 2000+ items in there (justincase) that's kinda equivalent to the old lady having filled the lounge and starting a pile by the oven in the kitchen you know!

So how can you save smarter?
There are some great online notebooks, I use this one....


If you clip every post you want to save and give it handy tags, you'll be able to find all you need on 'online marketing posts' or  'recipes to try' with one click. Fab! 

And don't think I haven't noticed your bulging email inbox, I'll get onto organising your  inboxes in a blog post soon!

*don't forget to add http://lilvintagemakes.blogspot.co.uk/ to feedly so you'll get all the  latest posts from me!*
Of course there are lots of other replacements so I've set it up so you can Follow my blog with Bloglovin If you've a favourite replacement for google reader, pop it in the comments below...

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