Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How not to spend the weekend sawing your hubby out of a greenhouse!

It all started when hubby decided to tidy the back garden ready for us to have a new lawn laid in the summer. All was fine, dirty, but fine until he decided to resite the greenhouse. All he needed to do was chop down a branch of the tree to fit the greenhouse inbetween it and the summerhouse. So branch cut he climbed inside the greenhouse and decided to lift and carry it (somewhat turtle style) from inside.
Did I want to help inside or out? I decided to help carry from outside as i could lift it easier.

1 ...2...3....LIFT!! 
This way a bit, that way a bit .....Whoops it won't fit under that other bit,
Saw, saw, saw
Lift again ...... shuffle shuffle shuffle....
SUCCESS Greenhouse in place!!!
Come on out now hubby.......

Oh what's that? The door won't open more than 5 inches, Eek!!??  I dissolved into a puddle of giggles outside the greenhouse! Hubby stood inside , not amused.

Luckily  5 inches is perfect width for passing through a cuppa!

Did we carry the greenhouse back to where we started or take decisive action and chop off another branch?

Not wanting to waste more time & energy we decided on the branch!

So I spend the next 20 minutes sawing another branch off the tree and hubby is finally free from the greenhouse - yay!!

So what does this teach us?

1. Lack of preparation can cost you time and energy!
2. A problem should be examined from ALL angles first (we checked the height but forgot to check the door opening)
3. Always have a backup plan
4. Failure to prepare and have  backup plan  will have you right back where you started but a whole more tired!!

So when you are doing some thing new today, however simple it may seem, make sure you prepare for it properly!

- Make a list of steps,
- Identify Problems
- Double check from ALL viewpoints
- Have a back up plan

Good luck!!

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