Monday, 13 August 2012

Too hot to sew!! What to do when its too hot to work.

Gosh hasn't it been lovely? Far too hot for sewing of course. My decision to have my sewing room in the conservatory (lots and lots of light) has backfired this week as temperatures soared and it was too hot to work!
So what's a girl to do when she's unable to sew...

Here's my suggestions of what to do when its too hot to work!

1. Change your focus. Ok so maybe its to hot to Sew / Paint / Create but is there something else you can be doing for your business? Find a cool room and catch up on Paperwork, answer some emails, research new products...
Only when you have a  range of icecream themed keyrings and hair slides
are you lucky enough for this to be 'research'!

2. Move out into the Garden. Can you take any of your work outside? Find a shaded corner and work there maybe. I know a creative that erects an old canvas frame tent in her garden for the summer and moves her whole workshop / studio  outside for the season!

If you haven't a tent then maybe a gazebo could create the area you need to work outside?

3. Stock up on supplies, rather than staying in on the internet, check out local suppliers and shops.

4. Escape! You're not getting anything done at home / in the studio take some time off. Go enjoy the sunshine, grab a nice lunch in  a secret garden cafe....

  I hope you are enjoying the weather where you are! Its a bit cooler today so I'm back at the machine :)

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